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Legal issues

Welcome to the Gruppo Veneto Banca website. We advise you to read this document before continuing your navigation.

Disclaimer of contents

Veneto Banca created and actively maintains this website and makes every effort to keep information updated, correct and clear. However, as information is subject to continuous variation, involuntary errors are always possible. Veneto Banca therefore declines all responsibility for any errors or omissions, and for any loss or damage due to consultation of the site.

In particular, the Bank declines all liability regarding consequences of use made by site users of site contents.

This website contains financial information obtained from sources held to be trustworthy, however due to technical problems or other reasons outside the control of Veneto Banca, this information might under some circumstances be incorrect or out-of-date. Veneto Banca cannot guarantee that information is complete and exact.

The contents of the website are not and should not be considered as an offer of sale, subscription or request of any kind to purchase or subscribe stocks and/or shares of investment savings funds or to adhere to an offer of services. The website is not connected to, nor is the basis of any contract or commitment. Its contents should not be considered as investment advice.

Veneto Banca declines all responsibility for damages deriving from interruption, suspension, delay or anomalies in the service deriving from infrastructures used, as for example, electrical or telephone lines, not dependent on Veneto Banca.

Veneto Banca reserves the right to modify any content in this website at any time and without advance warning.

Please note that valid prices and conditions for products and services are found exclusively in the Information Sheets in all our branches, as laid down by current legislation.


The brands and logos of products and services of Veneto Banca Group companies must not be used on other websites or means of communication without previous authorisation. Unauthorised use will be prosecuted. Also, you may not use the name "Veneto Banca" or any brand including the denomination "Veneto Banca" as internet address of other websites, or part of such, without previous written consent from Veneto Banca.

The brand and logo rights of products and services of other companies belong to their respective owners. They are used here in connection with these products or services marketed by Veneto Banca.

All rights to content and images, included downloadable documents, belong to Veneto Banca or to the relative producers/suppliers.

Contents of the website may be reproduced exclusively for personal use. You may quote from the site for purposes of information, study or comment, providing you indicate the source, including the web address ( For any other uses, you must obtain prior authorisation from Veneto Banca at


Links from other websites to our Veneto Banca site are allowed and it is not necessary to request authorisation of any kind. However, we would appreciate being informed of new links at Screenshots from the Veneto Banca website may not be used without prior authorisation. 

Links on this site may take you outside the Veneto Banca website and are therefore outside our control. Veneto Banca assumes no responsibility for any information on linked sites, or for any other aspect of these sites.

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