Veneto Banca has been present in Romania since 2000, when the bank took control of the Banca Italo Romena with a willingness to assist the local entrepreneurs who, in increasing numbers, were relocating their production activities in Eastern Europe.

Banca Italo Romena was established in 1980 and is the first joint venture of success between Italy and Romania in the banking sector.

Since then, while continuing to focus on business services, Banca Italo Romena has gradually opened outwards on the market, targeting Romanian operators and offering its services to families and institutions.

At the end of May 2014 Banca Italo Romena is incorporated in Veneto Banca, becoming the Territorial Directorate of the parent company in defense of the Romanian market.

Veneto Banca Romania has its headquarters in Bucharest and operates throughout the territory through 22 branches located in major cities.


Veneto Banca S.c.p.a. Italia Montebelluna
Succursale di Bucarest

Via Gara Herastrau n.2-4
piaterreno, piani 1, 2 e 3
020334, Settore 2, Bucarest, Romania
Tel. +40-21-232 07 12/26
Fax +40-21-232 07 38

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