Banca Italo Romena was established in 1980 and is the first joint venture between Italy and Romania in the banking sector.

In 2000 Veneto Banca Group acquired control of it, with the intention of assisting Italian businessmen who, increasingly, were relocating their production activities abroad.

Since then, while continuing to focus on business services, Banca Italo Romena has gradually opened outwards on the market, targeting Romanian operators and offering its services to families and institutions.

The bank's activities are all focussed on innovative and competitive products and services, aiming to offer clients effective responses and customised solutions. In this, it shares the Mission of all banks in the Veneto Banca Group: to be an innovative and independent bank, leader in its local communities, providing quality services and to ethically and responsibly creating value over time for shareholders, clients and employees.

The Italian headquarters of Banca Italo Romena are in Volpago del Montello (Treviso) and the subsidiary office is in Bucharest. It is a company under Italian law, subject to the regulations and provisions of Banca d'Italia, while its branch offices – 22 throughout Romania - are supervised by the National Bank of Romania.


Banca Italo Romena S.p.a.

Via J. Gasparini c/o Villa Spineda Gasparini Loredan
Volpago del Montello - Treviso (Italy) 

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